You Are Not Broken

There are whole industries built around the idea that you are broken. I’m not sure how it happened, but for some reason we are taught that we need to better ourselves. That somehow we are born broken and that we are in a constant state of needing improvement.

I would like to argue the opposite.

I believe we are perfect the day we are born. It is our programming from day one that teaches us to forget that we are perfect — thus beginning the cycle of never feeling good enough.

As adults, it is not our job to improve ourselves, rather it should be our position to remove all of the noise and the muck from our eyes and see that we are exactly who we are and who we were ever meant to become.

In our innate human “perfect-ness” we will naturally seek out meaning, purpose and new skills. This is after all, what separates us as animals. We are conscious of our meaning and purpose in life. It is our nature to question, and this questioning is not us improving ourselves, but finding a way to be more in tune with ourselves.

This morning as I thought about the idea behind this post, I looked out of my window in Brooklyn and I saw Canadian geese flying in their signature “V” formation. They don’t think about flying in this formation, they just do it.

We cannot decide to improve ourselves, just like the geese cannot decide to fly when the seasons change. They just do. We are no different than the geese, the mountains, the lakes, the canyons or the oceans — we are part of the same. We are part of this universe and we are no more broken than the sea.

My challenge to you is to strip away everything you have ever been taught in school or any programming you may have received from parents, friends, teachers, clergy or otherwise. Find the person you were born to be. Follow your intuition and know that you are already everything you will ever be.

Just be.

You can now let yourself off the hook. You don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself to improve. You can give yourself permission now to be everythingyou ever wanted to be.

You are not broken.

Self-improvement is a myth.

The self is broken, but the Self is already perfect in every way.

Decide to live, accordingly.

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