The Power of Exponential Loss

When was the last time you were able to sit and have absolutely nothing to do? I think we’re all realizing that we’re too busy, but why are we so busy?

I believe the battle lies in the power of exponential loss.

If we agreed to send shorter emails, we would get shorter emails back. If we agreed to shorten meetings, Parkinson’s Law would kick in and we would finish those meetings in less time (and honestly be a lot less bored).

If we limited the amount of time we allowed ourselves for inspiration, ideation and surfing the web, we could add more time to quality production and focus would make us better at leveraging our time.

In the car manufacturing industry they call this lean manufacturing. Individuals will calculate every bit of material waste and time waste, because waste is money.

Our time is our most valuable currency yet we don’t look to areas where we could waste less.

That’s the power of exponential loss.

If you find yourself only really working about two hours a day productively, it’s impossible to have anything of value at the end of the month.

Guard your time with your life, because that’s exactly what it is.

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