The Patterns of What You Want

The universe is made up of pattern. Everything from the milky way down to the sunflower is created from and is contained in a pattern. It’s just how this universe works.

Patterns also apply to the lens in which we see the world around us. They shape the habits we form that, are either in favor of what we want, or they serve as the crutch that keeps us away from what we want.

The difference lies in us first being conscious of our personal patterns and how we purposely apply the patterns that will serve us.

If we have a negative thought pattern that keeps us from believing we can accomplish something great, and we reinforce that with a negative pattern of eating junk food when we feel down on ourselves, it becomes easy to see how negative patterns can exponentially change our course.

If our pattern is to hear something that isn’t favorable and think, “what is the lesson I’m meant to learn here?” and immediately put into action a solution to change it, then we can see how our the positive reaction patterns can serve us.

Small changes lead to exponential differences and pattern recognition is the beginning of change for the better. Understanding those patterns and creating better habits based on healthy patterns will make certain you achieve what you set your intention on.

Are your patterns inline with the life you want?

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