The Fear of Failure

Since 2013, the number one fear of those that attend Patterns is the fear of failure. Every single student has alluded to it in one way or the other.

This idea begs to be dissected. Why do we fear failure so much? I believe one reason is that we’re too concerned about what other people think about us. We’re worried they will judge us for selling out or they’ll secretly talk about us hoping that we’ll fail – and sadly, most people of the people you come in contact with will secretly hope you fail. You’ll also be inundated with trolls too scared of failing to try anything.

Another reason we fear failure is that we put so much pressure on a single project or business. We basically say that we’ll put all of our eggs into one project, and if it fails, that’s it. We tried and we’re no good.

I think a great way to get over the hurdle of the fear of failure is to ship a small project out into the world. Even if it fails miserably, you will learn something.

You’ll also learn that it didn’t kill you, that no one will talk about your failure past a few days, and that it isn’t the end of the world.

Keep trying. Keep finding out what doesn’t work.

You only need one success, and it doesn’t rely on the number of times you fail.

Build something that you want to see in the world and it’s impossible to fail because you will have it.

The fear of failing is usually based on nothing. It is a film we’ve created in our minds that we binge watch.

The cure for the fear of failure is to do something. Whether you fail or not, you move past the hurdle and it gets easier and easier.

Let everyone else fear failure. It gives you a better chance at doing what you want to do.

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