Taking a Few Things Seriously

Minimalism is often misunderstood as a process of eliminating material possessions. What minimalists have come to understand is that our capacity to enjoy, use and appreciate thousands of items in our lives just isn’t possible for those that value the available space in our minds.

The flippant act of commercialism not only clutters our material lives but it also increases the strain on our minds of managing more items. Each item comes with a bill, a worry, lost space, more clutter and less focus on the things that matter.

A disciplined minimalist on the other hand, has learned to assign mind-space for taking a few things seriously. Technology is making it possible to only need to own a few things in our lives and people are starting to realize that possessions don’t make them happy – that it is quite the opposite.

Constraint against accumulating multiple possessions alleviates the constant tension of owning and managing things that we’re not even aware of. Freedom means freedom from things.

Those that travel light, travel fastest through life.

Take a few things seriously and you’ll start to see your world open up to the things you actually want in life – love, freedom, purpose and the ability to do what you want when you want to.

Don’t let the things you own, own you.

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