Self-Control Through Hierarchy of Thought

Our inability to act can many times be attributed to having too many conflicting thoughts or congestion of thoughts. Some people are able to act and ship on a regular basis simply because they have a more simple mind or approach to life.

But what about the rest of us? What about those that think so much of what they do?

We care. We care so much that we often over-think our projects and products to the point of paralysis.

The cure for this is the discipline of seeing our own patterns of thinking and classifying them into a hierarchy of importance.

All of our thoughts do not carry the same weight. Some of them are passing and ridiculous thoughts that stretch our imagination of what is possible. They are meant to be an instant dream to test against our idea and then to be let go.

Other ideas are so similar to one another that they should be categorized and written out so that they can be combined and simplified.

There are also ideas that can be simply taken out of our minds and thrown out, or if they’re important but not important enough for our time and energy, then they should be categorized for delegation.

Then there are the ideas that rise to the top. The ideas that are left in the pan after sifting the impurities away.

These are the ideas we need as much as air and they are to be acted on.

These ideas are then meant to be identified and given all of our thought. They are to be given a hierarchy and put into a numbered list to be done sequentially.

This is the work of a disciplined thinker. This is the work of finding simplicity from complexity and then acting.

Our best work will come from the execution and shipping of our best ideas, but they need the hierarchy of importance first.

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