Life Before Industry

What was life ever like before 1920?

We take the last decade, with all of it’s clothes, cars, homes, credit cards and restaurants, totally for granted.

What would happen if technology made it so that we once again lived like it was 1920?

What would our lives be like if industry as we know it collapsed and we were forced to change the way we work because there ceased to be any jobs to maintain the consumerist lifestyle?

What would happen if we truly had to think about every individual thing we owned? What if we went back to living in small homes and without the six-figure job to support our many habits.

Well, we might be finding out.

The economies of the world do not show much promise and pressure from the EU is mounting in countries like England. The job market is slowly shifting and technology sits in the hands of only a few companies.

Now this isn’t to be a post of doom. I like to think of it as a post of light.

The coming transition will be painful, but it might actually force us to take our lives back.

Or, we could choose to take them back now.

A simple life of few material possessions, low overhead and no debt is a life with freedom.

Freedom to chose, freedom of work, freedom of time.

It might not be a bad idea to stop and be honest with ourselves about where things are going, and start shedding the unnecessary waste, possessions and work hours.

Maybe we don’t have to wait to be forced to scale back.

Maybe we could beat the curve.

We forget that this way of life was designed to keep us working in factories and that we’ve been programmed to buy things that we don’t need in order to keep it all working.

That cycle is likely to stop – and very sudden.

We might just be going back to life before industry.

Doesn’t seem like such a bad thing, really.

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