Letting Your Life Die

The truth about our lives is that they have ups and downs, peaks and valleys. There are hard times that we have to push through and emerge triumphant on the other side.

What about those times when the universe just hits you when you are down? What about those times when everything around you seems to crumble?

This might sound counterintuitive, but what an amazing opportunity!

Sometimes we simply cannot deny the fact that our lives are completely falling apart. When we come to this realization, we can choose to either keep running up hill on a treadmill, or simply let go and let the river take us somewhere better.

We never really know what’s happening to our lives in moments of tragedy, breakdown or loss. We only realize the beauty in hindsight. We lose a job only to find out years later that it gave (forced) us an opportunity to do our own thing. We might have a breakup only to find true love on the other side of the bridge.

If you find yourself in hard times, let “life” as you know it die for your own spiritual renewal. If it’s falling apart, just let go.

You never know what is waiting for you on the other side.

Sometimes you just have to let your life die. It might not have been the life that was meant for you.

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