Ideas are Lightning, Thoughts are Killers

Ideas come to us from nowhere. They may have an origin in our past experience or they may be inspired by something that we see. Some people believe they are divine and others would say we’ve just stumbled upon old ideas disguised as a new unique pattern.

These ideas are the lifeblood of the creative person (which is all of us). When an idea or inspiration strikes, it’s time to act immediately – to grab every ounce of that inspiration and do something amazing with it.

Then something happens.

We confuse ideas with thoughts. You see, ideas and thougths are disguised as being the same thing, but the reality is, the differences are literally life threatening.

Ideas are lightning. Thoughts are killers.

Behind every doubt, bad relationship, daddy issue, unfinished book, or bedridden depression, are thoughts. Thoughts that run through our minds, whirling around until they finally become a story or a film that plays on repeat.

You’re in the shower and the best plot to a story you could possibly ever dream up hits you. What do you do? You get excited. The characters are growing and building. The storyline twists are making your blood rush to your head. The ideas are the best you’ve ever had or possibly ever will.

Then you have thoughts.

Why would anyone read a book I wrote? I’m nobody. Stephen King or James Patterson have probably already written this book or threw the idea away because it was a dead end.

But how do you know no one would love your book? How do you know you aren’t the next, better version of J.K. Rowling? You’ve never written a book!

If you’re depressed because your work is unrewarding, you think your parents don’t understand you or your husband doesn’t treat you well – the chances are it’s because your thoughts have become a lifelong story by now.

Maybe your thoughts have held you back in a compromised job. Maybe the film in your head has villianized your parents while it’s actually you that has never taken the time to understand them. Maybe, just maybe, your spouse has no clue what the film in your head looks like because they’ve never seen it.

These thoughts and stories are never real. They’re only in your head. If you’re not careful, they will destroy your relationships, lead to illness and leave you with tons of regret once you’re old and everyone – every idea – is gone.

Remember to ride your ideas to happiness, but if you ever feel like something is wrong in your life, look for the thought behind it.

Ideas are lightning. Thoughts are killers.

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