Get Paid for Playing

I was listening to a lecture by Alan Watts last week and something he said struck me.

I’ve always wondered how a teacher or philosopher would have a good shot at making a living doing what they love. I have a sense that most people feel this way about the things they truly care about – the things they would do if money didn’t matter.

Watts chuckled in his signature laugh and simply stated, “I get paid for playing, which I guess, is the goal of any educated man.”

“Getting paid to play” is exactly at the heart of what I want for people. Now, play is by no means void of work here, but when you’re doing the work that is in harmony with who you are, it feels like play.

As you go through life as I am having to go through life, with all of the risk, sacrifice and joys that come with the hard work of discovering your stride, remember this short mantra from Watts. It’s a simple phrase that can serve as a simple, clear and direct reminder of where to aim.

“Get paid for playing”.

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