Don’t Fear the Mysterious

The power of science fiction or the imagination of someone like Stephen Hawking is in bridging the gap between what science has already discovered and what it will eventually discover.

No matter how insane a movie like Star Wars or Ex-Machina may seem in reality, there is some validity to its possibility based on the fact that the human mind was capable of imaging it.

Einstein said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

The mysterious is real or else we could not imagine it. If you feel inspired or your intuition is pulling you into a direction without logic, feel safe going into it. It will become logic once it is found to be true. You don’t need it to be true yet.

Tesla was seen as a madman for playing with electricity until his electricity powered cities. Mark Zuckerberg was undoubtedly seen as pompous believing he could connect the world from an app built for college students.

The truth is, your inclination to explore the mysterious is only mysterious until there’s proof for everyone else to believe in it. You don’t need that kind of permission to explore what your naturally drawn to.

Whether you feel your intuition pulling you towards any psychic development or you believe you can create an app that prints pizza, don’t fear the mysterious.

In the long run you may end up better off because you spent time there.

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