You Are Not Broken

There are whole industries built around the idea that you are broken. I’m not sure how it happened, but for some reason we are taught that we need to better ourselves. That somehow we are born broken and that we are in a constant state of needing improvement. I would like to argue the opposite. I believe we are […]

The Beauty of Melancholy

We like to pretend that all we ever feel is rainbows and sunshine. We act as if the balance of good doesn’t exist — as if we could know what happiness was without the lack of it. But why is there a stigma around something we all feel? Why do we feel the need to portray happiness […]

The Patterns of What You Want

The universe is made up of pattern. Everything from the milky way down to the sunflower is created from and is contained in a pattern. It’s just how this universe works. Patterns also apply to the lens in which we see the world around us. They shape the habits we form that, are either in favor of what we […]

Self-Control Through Hierarchy of Thought

Our inability to act can many times be attributed to having too many conflicting thoughts or congestion of thoughts. Some people are able to act and ship on a regular basis simply because they have a more simple mind or approach to life. But what about the rest of us? What about those that think […]

Ideas are Lightning, Thoughts are Killers

Ideas come to us from nowhere. They may have an origin in our past experience or they may be inspired by something that we see. Some people believe they are divine and others would say we’ve just stumbled upon old ideas disguised as a new unique pattern. These ideas are the lifeblood of the creative […]

The Power of Exponential Loss

When was the last time you were able to sit and have absolutely nothing to do? I think we’re all realizing that we’re too busy, but why are we so busy? I believe the battle lies in the power of exponential loss. If we agreed to send shorter emails, we would get shorter emails back. […]

Don’t Fear the Mysterious

The power of science fiction or the imagination of someone like Stephen Hawking is in bridging the gap between what science has already discovered and what it will eventually discover. No matter how insane a movie like Star Wars or Ex-Machina may seem in reality, there is some validity to its possibility based on the […]

Get Paid for Playing

I was listening to a lecture by Alan Watts last week and something he said struck me. I’ve always wondered how a teacher or philosopher would have a good shot at making a living doing what they love. I have a sense that most people feel this way about the things they truly care about […]

Children as Advisors

One of the things we all found fascinating when iPads first hit the market, was that they were so simple that infants could use them. Children became the new litmus test of simplicity in interface design. (They were so simple, that older individuals were actually confused because they weren’t complex.) The other day, I was […]

Life Before Industry

What was life ever like before 1920? We take the last decade, with all of it’s clothes, cars, homes, credit cards and restaurants, totally for granted. What would happen if technology made it so that we once again lived like it was 1920? What would our lives be like if industry as we know it […]