Josh Long is an entrepreneur living in NYC. He built and sold a podcast hosting company called Simplecast through a strategic partnership with Apple. He’s written four books, developed two apps for iOS and raised over $2 million in sponsorships for various projects. In 2013, he founded the Patterns School after working closely with Seth Godin on two projects.

He was the Co-CEO of Creative Mornings, a community and lecture series with 170 chapters worldwide. His podcast has had millions of downloads and he’s a four-time finalist for the .Net Awards for Entrepreneur of the Year, Podcast of the Year and Game Changer of the year for Patterns. He also holds a degree in philosophy and lectures across the country on entrepreneurship, design, philosophy and app development.

From the office of Seth Godin

“Josh Long is what some may call an impresario. It’s the Italian word for someone who fluidly occupies multiple roles, sees dots that others miss, connects them, brings groups together, and makes magic happen.

For one to call Josh simply a designer, writer, or entrepreneur would be putting him in too narrow of a bucket. With a degree in philosophy, Josh sees things differently, and his sensibility flows into his web designs and everything he does. He’s the founder of Patterns and co-founder of Simplecast. And he’s written four books including Execute, Jenius, Design Evolution, and his latest book, Silence.

He is a 4-time finalist for the .Net Awards – including: Entrepreneur of the Year, Brilliant Newcomer of the Year, Podcast of the Year, and Game-Changer of the Year for Patterns. He once created a national campaign for Capital One, on the fly, in under 20 minutes.

It’s hard to get a hold of Josh – but if you do find him – he’s likely giving a talk or doing a workshop halfway across the world. But no worries, you can read about his work and his ideas in publications like Huffington Post, The Next Web, Shift Magazine, .Net Magazine, Creative Bloq, The Industry, The Great Discontent and more.”