A Warning Against Excessive Striving

Excessive striving can lead to an obsession and the reverse of any flow state you may have desired.

The mind that works too hard and doesn’t recover is a mind that operates at a grade school level. Our minds were meant to work hard and recover hard. Keeping your mind in a constant state of striving can keep you from being in the moment and can lead to hasty decisions.

It’s quite amazing to be in the presence of someone you know to have a solid mind, pace and demeanor. There’s something about them. Something you trust. Someone that is under control and is clear-headed about the next seven steps they’re going to take.

Burn out is an animal and it turns you into one as well.

Know when to go hard and when to rest. Know when you’re mind is prepared and planned for work and when you’re trying to push an idea that just isn’t there yet.

Self-control and a good pace are the trick.

Be one of those solid people you can trust to think clearly and act in a timely manner.

Controlled thought, right action.

It shows.

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